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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Applique Travel Kit -- Storing pre-cut applique fabric

I am turning over a new leaf! In the past, I have headed out with a supply of unmarked freezer paper, a clear pattern, marking pens and pencils, paper and fabric scissors and enough fabric for 20 projects. I would cut as I went along, and I know very well that this is not an efficient way to do things, especially if one is doing fabric preparation outside in a 25 mile an hour wind.

This time, I have already marked my numbered freezer paper templates, cut them out, organized them in plastic ziplock snack bags (by color), and tonight I will go to the ironing board and press the freezer paper templates (shiny side down) to the appropriate fabric. I will then mark around the templates with my favorite Clover white marking pen and cut around the template, leaving approximately 1/8 inch between the cutting line and the marked line.

THEN, I will try putting them in a neat storage "book" made from batting pieces. This book was mentioned by Barbara on our BaltimoreQuilts yahoo list, and it sounds like a wonderful idea. I have not made the batting book yet, but will post a photo of my interpretation of this item when it is finished.


Linda M. Poole said...

I LOVE your blog!!!! Way to go.

Margaret said...

Thanks, Linda. I am learning as I go.