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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Azamara Journey leaves Miami.

We left the Hyatt Regency at 1200 Noon. This is a smaller ship, so the checkin lines were almost non-existent. As usual, Jim was quite concerned that the walk to the boarding area would be quite long, but we were in for a surprise to find that the walk was relatively short.

We met so many of the crew who were still on board from our sailing the end of November into December, so it was like "old home week", with a lot of jubilance seeing each other.

Jim is in Michael's Library, his favorite place. Tomorrow he will be sketching there, while I find a well-lit place to do some applique.


o-mey said...

Hi Margaret!
Good to hear all is going well! Get plenty of applique done!
A few of us went to a show in Amherst today. We saw some very lovely applique pieces. Seeing finished pieces makes me inspired to get going on the blue thing...
Keep blogging!!! Nel

Jan B said...

Glad you have had a safe trip so far. What is Jim sketching? I can't wait to go to Lancaster and look around although with an all day class I will only have the lunch break on Friday to see the quilts and visit the vendors. On Sat. we do some other things like Farmers Market & Kitchen Kettle before we go back to the show. On Sat. I usually go across the street to the little show there and see what is available.
Guess I better get back to quilting the quilt for my granddaughter. June will be here before you know it. Keep us updated. I love to read your blog

Margaret said...

Thanks, Danielle and Jan for posting comments. It is fun to hear from you!