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Monday, March 23, 2009

Haiti and Beyond

Yesterday we arrived at Labadee, Haiti. About the only activity that Jim and I were interested in was the barbecue. When we arrived, there was quite a downpour. Ship's crew looked into the barbecue area and found it very wet, so the decision was made to have the barbecue on board. That helped us make the decision to just stay on the ship, instead of taking the tender to the beach area. That helped me make some progress on my applique. If you look at the prepared pattern, I have finished the ribbon element at the bottom of the page, plus the leaves on either side. Then I went to the top of the pattern and started working on the red blossoms at both sides of the top, as well as the leaves, and today I started working my way down the left side.

We had the opportunity to play dominoes, or bridge, or any number of "fun" things, but we decided to stitch and sketch. Jim is sketching his favorite thing, old sailing ships. The seas were a little rough today, but I was still able to work. There is a nice lounge in the very front of the ship, called the "Looking Glass". It has large windows all around and makes for a nice work area. There are several ladies doing needlepoint, 2 ladies doing embroidery, and another lady plans to bring her knitting tomorrow. There are a lot of Canadian ladies on board and a very large contigient from California. I met one other lady from Milford, CT, as well as a couple from New Hampshire. Everyone on board is super nice, and most people have taken the re-positioning cruises many times. Keep stitching, and thanks for reading the blog!


Jan B said...

Glad you are having a good time. It was cold & windy here today. I have sewn the pillow part of the quilt to the center and have sandwiched that. I think I will have to put the bottom & the sides on in order to finish the quilting in the center as it goes to the seam line. Maybe tomorrow or Wednesday.

o-mey said...

Hi Margaret!
Good to hear you are making great progress. It sounds like you have a wonderful work space! Enjoy the warmth, it is a bit nippy here.
I think I have about 18 pieces to put on Mary, then do the inking, and done! Hopefully by the end of this month...

Margaret said...

Jan and Danielle, it is great to hear from you and to hear how your work is coming along.