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Friday, April 3, 2009

April 3rd, Almeria

I had a pilates exercise after breakfast today. I must say that I didn't do too well, since I walked too much yesterday. We repeated the walking today in an attempt to enjoy a typical Spanish lunch at a local restaurant. (The food on board the ship was much better.) I had a plate of the very thin Spanish ham, and it was absolutely delicious, but the calamari left something to be desired. We took a taxi into town but slowly returned on foot, stopping at the pleasant benches along side the walkway. I think we will both be sore from this long walk.

Tomorrow is Alicante. Jim wants to visit Lucentum, a Roman village near Alicante. I have been translating the book about Lucentum that he bought at the Archaeological Museum last November when we were in Alicante.

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