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Friday, April 3, 2009

Cadiz, April 2nd

We spent our 47th wedding anniversary leisurely strolling the narrow streets of Cadiz. We tried the on/off bus to get us to the Castillo Santa Catarina. Jim was looking for cannons, but they didn't have any at the castillo/fort. We discovered that, in order to make money on these historical treasures, they allow artists to put on exhibitions. Some of the shows are really quite tacky and not the distinguished presentations one might expect in a dignified edifice. We made our way to the Museo de Cadiz, which houses Roman archaeological ruins. Jim bought several books on Roman and Phoenician history (all in Spanish). I will have my work cut out for me, translating all of these works when we return home.

Later that evening, aboard ship, we had an anniversary celebration with others at our table. The staff brought a tasty cake for all to enjoy, and sang "Happy Anniversary to You!"

I haven't been able to keep this up to date, due to a reception problem with the computers on the ship.

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