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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cadiz, Arriving on April 2nd

We were looking forward to arriving in Cadiz once again. Many years ago, we lived across the Bay of Cadiz in the town of Puerto de Santa Maria. Jim worked aboard the submarine tender, Holland, stationed in the seaside town of Rota. I taught classical piano. We used to drive around the Bay of Cadiz to the city. That is where I bought my first bandurria. I also remembered the thousands of pigeons choking the main square and how much fun I had sliding my feet across the plaza so as not to step on any tiny feet.

We were scheduled to arrive in Cadiz on April 2nd this year, which was also our 47th wedding anniversary. We had an opportunity to travel on a tour bus to Sevilla, and that was a great temptation, since Sevilla is one of our favorite Spanish cities. One really needs a month to enjoy Sevilla, so we opted to purchase 2 tickets for the "Up, Down Bus" for Cadiz which stopped in front of the pier. Our goal was to visit the Museo de Cadiz which contains articles of Roman archaeological interest and visit the castle/fort. We divided our time equally between the two.

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