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Friday, April 17, 2009

Favorite Hat Recovered

Do you know anyone who has a favorite hat they wear everywhere, a hat that has become an integral part of this person, a hat that puts them into a semi-depressed state when it is misplaced or lost? As we were leaving the Hyatt Regency Miami to join the Azamara Journey on March 20th, Jim couldn't find his hat. The taxi waited as Mike from the bell staff ran to the room and searched everywhere but could not find it. We had been to the restaurant for breakfast and sat in the atrium watching large ships go by in the waterway next to the hotel. The hotel staff searched everywhere but could not find it. When we boarded the Journey, the ship's crew asked him, "Where is that neat hat you always wore?" It was lost.

After we arrived home, I was able to listen to the messages on my cell phone. There was Mike, telling us that the hat had been found. The Hyatt Regency Miami has sent the hat by way of FedEx, and Jim is a very happy person.

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