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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lisbon and Surroundings

Today we had a leisurely breakfast, then left the ship to go on our own adventure. We met a person outside of customs by the name of Joao Oliveiras who was out guide for the day. We communicated in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We started out by visiting the Archaeological Museum where we viewed the Roman artifacts, then left to go to the delightful town of Sintra. We spent some time in Sintra (and vowed to return, when we do our long stay in Evora, the Roman Portuguese city). We returned by way of Cascais and Estoril. The beaches and dunes were quite an attraction for beach lovers, and they were out enjoying the beaches, even though the water temperature in that area was a little cooler. On the final leg of the trip, while stopped to view a couple more attractions, we helped two little old ladies who needed a ride back to the ship. They underestimated the return trip from their city location and were having trouble finding a taxi. As soon as we boarded the ship, I raced off to a Pilates lesson. Needless to say, I am rather tired, but we plan to go hear the Scottish singer tonight, then set the clocks forward another hour (hopefully, for the last time).


o-mey said...

Hi Margaret!
You are the busy one! Sounds like lots of fun! Get plenty of rest for your next adventure!
It is cool and rainy here. Your weather sounds better! Enjoy!

Margaret said...

Has it snowed while we were gone?