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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dublin, then Home

After we returned from Montserrat, we spent more time at the Castel de Montjuic, then flew to Dublin. I think I will save photos of Ireland for another time. We arrived on Thursday afternoon. Friday was Good Friday. In Ireland, all pubs are required to close on Good Friday, and most museums were closed as well. We bought a yellow "On/Off" bus ticket and traveled around Dublin, first on the left side of the bus, then the right side of the bus, then on top, right up front. I photographed Dublin from 3 different angles, and we were told 3 different sets of lies (as they so aptly put it). We loved this introduction to the city, since it was our first time on that side of the island. The same taxi driver who brought us to the hotel downtown was there exactly when he said he would be, to drive us back to the airport. This was a wonderful trip. I hope you enjoyed reading about it. We will be traveling to the 80th latitude in June. (The 90th Latitude is the North Pole.) If you like journeys to the northern ice shelf, I hope to post photos as I go on this journey.

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