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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Montserrat, First view

As one emergences from the very modern funicular station in Montserrat, this is what you see. The building with the blue canopies on the left houses a gift shop and the movie presentation about Montserrat, and on the lower right is the cafeteria. Reading from the left, you can see a break in the buildings after the 6th canopy. On the left of that break is an Information Office and directly ahead are steep stairs to the upper level. For those who cannot manage the stairs, there is a small green electric train that regularly takes people who have trouble walking, around the buildings to the upper level.

The building with the flat roof directly behind the canopied building is the Museum. It looks deceptively small. No cameras were allowed, so I couldn't take a photo of the remarkable Picasso, called "The Old Fisherman". It was painted in a traditional style (not his usual later style), and I was quite impressed.

To the left above the museum is the Hotel Abat Cisneros where we spent the night. In the middle on top is a large courtyard. The Monastery is located directly behind and to the right of the photo.
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