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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Off Again

Very early on Thursday morning we left by Legends Limo to go to Logan Airport in Boston. Dan was right on time and gave us a very comfortable early morning ride to the airport. American Airlines, as usual, had the wheelchair attendants ready. Even early in the morning, they were a very cheerful duo. We flew American Airlines' daytime flight to London. As I told the crew later, they were absolutely the best crew we have ever had. Most of the crew were older and very accommodating. Immediately, upon sitting down, one flight attendant told me that the flight was going out with most of the middle seats empty and would I like an entire middle row to myself. Needless to say, both Jim and I were very comfortable. The "airport hotel" in Slough (pronounced Slew) was about 15 miles away (in the opposite direction of London), but the taxi driver gave us a break in the cost. Thanks to the hotel in Slough who is keeping our large bags at no cost to us while we are traveling by train around Scotland. The entrance to the nearest rail station in Slough was about 25 yards from the side door of the hotel. Once inside, the rail staff was extremely attentive. One accompanied me to the station office to validate the rail passes while another rail worker grabbed the small bags from Jim and walked with him to the platform for the next express to London's Paddington Station. Five minutes before the train arrived, one rail employee arrived and took us and our bags to a great location to board the very popular express train. He then insisted on carrying our bags on board for us. Many thanks to the great crew at First Great Western Rail in Slough! This was a 15 minute rail trip (faster than the Paddington Express from Heathrow). Once at Paddington Station, we were advised by the information office to take a taxi to King's Cross Station, since the underground route required the use of many stairs on both ends. The taxi ride was only 5 pounds sterling. At King's Cross station, we found most of the seats in the waiting room were taken. However, 2 were free, right next to a couple who were also getting the 200PM direct train to Dundee. Six and one half hours later, we arrived in Dundee.

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