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Monday, July 6, 2009

Traveling On

I have much to tell you and photos to share about the Tahitian Princess and the cruise to the Arctic. Tomorrow we will be flying back to Boston, and I will continue with stories about Norway, Spitsbergen, and Murmansk.

We enjoyed our pre-cruise travel around Scotland and Yorkshire. I would like to nominate the Slough rail station as the best in the UK. We were staying at an "airport" hotel 25 yards from the Slough station. As one enters the station, it is evident that the only way to get around the station is by using sets of stairs and walk-overs. The station is very well staffed. They came running to our assistance, directing us as where to go for the trains and helping with the bags. All of this help was unsolicited. As our train was approaching, they came to grab the bags and take us to the best place to board, then lifted the bags onto the train. Wondering if this was a one-time occurence, we were convinced that this help was a way of life for the staff at the Slough rail station when we returned to Slough and the station employees scurried to help once more.

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