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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Glimpse #12, The Longest Road Tunnel in the World

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The Laerdal Tunnel was opened nearly 9 years ago. It is 24.5 kilometers long (15.2 miles). The tunnel has a sophisticated air treatment system. One notices a complete, evenly-spaced plan of pull-outs to be used when there are vehicle break-downs or accidents. These are not tiny little pullovers, but rooms to the side where several vehicles can be placed. The mountains above reach nearly 6,000 feet. As one enters the tunnel, it appears to be a standard, dark passageway. However, at regular intervals the trip is interrupted by blue areas which are designed to assist the driver from becoming entranced by the drive. Drivers are requested to slow down and enjoy the refreshing "blue" moments through the tunnel, which are designed to refresh the driver. Our motorcoach driver was really impressed with this improvement to the standard tunnel.

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