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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Borders for a White Baltimore Album Quilt

There were six months left until the summer quilt show. I wanted to have both twins in the show. I wasn't about to do 500+ reverse applique teardrops on this quilt. So I chose to do a gently winding vine with ruched roses along the way, with a set of 3 ruched roses in the corners. It took very little time to finish this border, compared to the black border.

It was a fun quilt show. We encouraged a lot of the ladies to have their Baltimore Album bed quilts and wall hangings ready for the show, and it was a feast for the eyes. The Black BA Twin Quilt was designated the "WOW" quilt (the first quilt you saw as you walked in).

Now these learning quilts were behind me. It was time to go on to quilt number 3 (the Mary Simon Quilt--still in progress). These Mary Simon finished blocks are posted in the list to the right in the blog.

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