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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Applique Friends, Helpful Tips

Comfort makes stitching more enjoyable. Jane had just hurt her back and found the following items made applique more enjoyable:

Folding canvas lounge chair which keeps the legs elevated. (Small pillow behind her back for support.)
Pillow on the lap to support her arms.
Floor lamp with magnifier for light.
Desk lamp -- for more light.
Important tools within reach on the table.

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Béa said...

Thank you so much, Margaret, for stopping by my french blog and your comment !
Hugs from France.

maritza said...

Margaret, es importante que Jane haya encontrado la manera más cómoda para coser!!!. Un besote

Jane in Wales said...

Great! An appliquer isn't put off by anything!!! She even looks cheerful!