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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Adding a Flower (Left Flower on Block)

Working from the back of the flower to the front, number each flower in the order the template pieces will be added.
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Add the flower pieces in the order marked in first illustration. In order to know the lay down line of the pink pieces which will go on the top, stitch a basting stitch in contrasting thread from the back of the block.

Add the pink pieces to the top of the flower.

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Then add the green piece to the bottom. Turn block over, and with seam ripper and hemostat, remove all primary basting stitches. The block has not been pressed. Keep in mind that when the block has been pressed, this flower will look much more refined. Using a blunt end of the toothpick, now would be a good time to check for little imperfections that you would want to push into place. Check for leftover basting threads which need to be removed.


maritza said...

Margaret, tengo un duda con los pétalos pero a lo mejor estoy equivocada: no sería mejor colocar el número 2 donde está el numero 5 y viceversa?????. Así el pétalo que está más a la derecha sería el último en colocarse. Que tengas un feliz domingo, un beso

Margaret said...

I knew someone would notice that the #2 pedal does appear to be in front of the #5 pedal. I noticed that after I started stitching, and re-designed pedal #5, so that it had a dominant position. For those of you who might be confused by this, according to the first drawing one should stitch the #2 pedal after stitching the #5 pedal (in which case the red pedal would be in front).
Thanks, Maritza.