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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reluctant Orchid

After 15 years, it finally blooms!
(See story below)

Fifteen years ago, as Valentine's day was approaching, I mentioned to my husband that I would prefer that he NOT spend $50 on cut roses for me, since they didn't last but for a few days anyway, and perhaps that money could be used on something more "useful".
The local florist suggested that my husband give me this orchid instead of the traditional roses.

On Feb 14th, the florist dropped off the plant at my office.
Later that day, the florist phoned and told me to come pay for the plant immediately, since my husband had not paid for the plant. So I went to the florist and put the $150.00 charges for the orchid on my credit card.

When my credit card bill came the next month, there were $300.00 worth of charges, which included my husband's original payment. (It took two months to convince the florist that a mistake had been made.)

After 10 years of nurturing this orchid, I gave up and gave it to a nice lady who loves orchids and was known for her orchid successes.  After 5 years, she talked another friend of mine into fostering it at her home.

Voila! Patti has the secret touch! After 15 years, it has bloomed! 
(Maybe it only blooms once every 15 years?)

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Jota said...

My husband usually give me orchids often, when the flowers wither I leave them, but never bloom, leaves only, but the leaves are nice too, maybe I have to wait fifteen years to bloom again. Do not lose hope, a hug, and one for Mandu. (Sorry for my English)

M and M plus 3 said...

I've only started nurturing orchards. I have mine in the north window sill and give it only 3 ice cubes a week. When I purchased it,it was in bloom. Now it's blooming again. I'm like you, roses only last a few days, not worth the money.

maritza said...

Margaret, la orquidea esperó mucho tiempo para florecer, pero cuando lo hizo tuvo una flor preciosa!!!!...
Un beso

Miriam said...

I hope your orchid blooms every year from now on.

Nicola said...

Orchids are tricky house plants. I was given one a few weeks ago and am nervously caring for it. Time will tell.

sbo said...