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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Applique Paradise

(The computer I have been using was damaged beyond repair. Santa has brought me a new computer, so I am "back to blogging".)
I recently returned from a 5 week trip around South America, sailing from Boston on Holland America's ship, Veendam. One of the reasons I wanted to do this sailing was because it gave me an opportunity to visit the Kuna Indians on the east coast of Panama. There are approximately 378 small islands which belong to these people, but only 49 are inhabited. Because the islands are so small, it is necessary to take a boat from the larger ship.

These are the choices. 
Shall we take a dugout canoe, complete with modified milk containers used for emptying water from the dugout as it filled with water?  Or shall we use the shuttle boats provided by the ship? The shuttle boats were faster, so we opted for those.

Use of island land space was very efficient. On the island we visited there were living quarters compactly placed on all available areas with narrow passageways between the huts. The Kuna Indians were very pleasant and friendly. A few spoke a little English, and they all understood Spanish. Hanging neatly throughout the entire complex was a display of their specialty applique. It was apparent that virtually all of the female population was involved in needlework. I was told by the older women that the young girls are introduced to applique at a very early age. One sees all levels of expertise when viewing their applique.
Next:  Meeting some of the ladies and their work.


Jane in Wales said...

Fascinating! I look forward to seeing their work!

maritza said...

Margaret, me encanta que hayas tenido la oportunidad de hacer este viaje. Espero ver las molas.
Te deseo una feliz navidad. Un beso

Kathie said...

welcome back! I have been thinking of you and wondering what you have been working on!
looking forward to your next post, will be interesting to see what these ladies are working on.
Happy Holidays!