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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS 2013 (Pass it on)

On Christmas Eve, I took a fellow who bears a resemblance to Santa to the hospital for tests. We normally don't have breakfast out, but he had fasted for quite awhile. So we went to a local popular restaurant for a meal. There was a young couple (in their 30's) at the next table. They finished their meal and left. We took our time.

When we were done, the waitress said "There is no need to pay. The young couple at the next table paid for your meal." We thought what a lovely gesture that was.

As we were leaving, I asked the cashier if I could pay the bill of the people in the booth next to us. It was a father and his young son, so I just told her to say that Santa was sitting at the next table and saw what a good boy he was.

This is a rather fun concept.

Pass it on for 2013.


jayne said...

How nice, Margaret, hope Santa's tests were the results you wanted to hear.
Have a very Happy new Year!

Nadine Thompson said...

Oh Margaret I will definitely pass it on. What a joyful way to celebrate the season. You are amazing, Nadine