Royal School of Needlework-- 2015 Courses

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mary Simon Baltimore Album Block 1E

Applique work really progresses much
more quickly if one is organized.
(I must get organized some day!)


Jan B said...

Margaret, as always your work is beautiful. Maybe some day mine can be half as good. Where are you going on your trip? You will have to give us an itinerary so we will know where you are when the group meets. I'll need a travel applique kit when I travel in June. Will you post your Ladies of the Sea finished blocks?

Margaret said...

Hi, Jan. I will post details of my next trip. There will be numerous days at sea for stitching. That's what we like so much about repositioning cruises. I will be talking more about the travel applique kit, too. I'll be sure to add some of the finished "Ladies of the Sea" blocks, too. Thanks for reminding me. You've given me lots to talk about!