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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Travel Considerations--Preparing Bags for Packing

An opened, inviting bag takes up a lot of space in the house. Three opened bags (per person) really take up a lot of space. House size makes a difference in the packing technique. If you live in a 95-foot house, as I do, it might be tempting to organize the packing in the bedroom to the very rear of the house. It is out of the day-to-day traffic pattern. This makes sense, until it is time to move the full bags to the back door to get them to the car or limo. It took me a long time to learn that the easiest way to the back door is actually the little room closest to the back door, the breezeway. This may sound silly, since the breezeway is technically "outside" the house, even though it is enclosed. During historical reenactment season, when we travel frequently, we don't need the added exhaustion of dragging baggage the entire length of the house. Now the bags are stacked in the breezeway, and starting several days before departure, I can start packing leisurely. When departure day arrives, we just go out one door to the waiting conveyance.

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