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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Borders for a Black Baltimore Album Quilt

One often hears quilters say, "I just have to put a border on, and the quilt will be ready for quilting." This sounds simple enough. However, applique people soon realize that adding an appliqued border to a 20 or 25 block quilt can be tantamount to creating another 12 - 15 blocks. But one can't think that way, or one would be reluctant to start with the border. I had always dreamed of undulating teardops all the way around the black BA twin. I could get no information on how to start, no knowledgeable ideas on how to create the perfect border, so I just started undulating. Well, I ended up with over 500 teardrops. I loved the look, but after awhile, one tends to get tired of the repetition. I vowed that, if I ever finished with these teardrops, that I would NOT do the teardrop thing on the white BA twin!

Oh, did I tell you -- they were all reverse applique. This means that NO teardrop could ever be repositioned should it get out of line. However, I live by the philosophy that each quilt must have some sort of imperfection. In some cultures, an imperfection (aka mistake) implies "Good Luck".

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