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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just a Few of My Backyard Lawnmowers

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Sometimes I see up to 8 of these deer in the backyard.


gailss said...

Margaret, always nice to see such lovely visitors as long as they don't eat all the shrubs around houses. Nice picture, Gail

Denise :) said...

We put out corn to encourage their visits. We have several different groups that come in to feed. There's the Magnificent Seven, the Fabulous Four, the Dynamic Duo and so on. LOL! This evening Todd & I nearly flipped when we realized we couldn't count all the deer ... better than 20! It was the craziest thing! We sat with our noses pressed to the window for about an hour, watching them eat and play and spook each other! Beats TV any day! :)

Margaret said...

Denise, I feel the same way you do. I love to see the deer and don't have anything that we mind them eating. Sometimes they clear away the snow and bed down for a few hours. I have talked to them for several minutes at a time, and they seem to love it.