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Monday, April 5, 2010

Baltimore Twins--A Study in Color and Early Technique

Earlier, I talked about individual blocks in my early Baltimore Album applique lessons. The quilt with the black background was my first ever quilt. The one with the light background was my second quilt. One learns as one practices the techniques. After making several hundred reverse applique teardrops, I decided that wouldn't be the way to go on the 2nd quilt. One can learn which colors are too dominant and which did not offer enough contrast. Rather than re-do some of the blocks, I put them all together and labeled these my "Learning Quilt #1" and "Learning Quilt #2".


Denise :) said...

These are absolutely beautiful! :)

Nadine Thompson said...

Well, Margaret, it seems to me that your "learning quilts"were a great success. When I was teaching Baltimore Applique as a block of the via Elly Sienkeiwicz first book, several hundred quilters went through my one year classes. I saw a few with black backgrounds, several with mauve and blue color schemes, and one with a wonderful Japanese feel in black,gray and silver with a touch of red. I commend you having the courage to start with a Baltimore. Thank you for proving my theory about applique. I think that a beginner can do anything an advanced student can do. The techniques are identical.The practice makes it sing. You sing!, Nadine

Margaret said...

Thank you, Denise and Nadine, for your nice comments. After surgery on both hands, I was so thankful that I could finally hold a needle and play around with this type of thing.