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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Portable Applique Kit


I am always looking for a more efficient way to transport my applique projects. I purchased this bobbin holder and more than enough bobbins to store in the holder. I use mostly silk threads, so the next challenge was to wind the bobbins. Several nights while watching favorite programs on TV, I sat with my silk thread and spend hours winding it onto bobbins. I use YLI 100 silk thread, and after many hours of winding, it didn't look like I had accomplished much. Alberta, who is a member of our local applique group, suggested I used a bobbin winder. Jan brought hers for me to try, and the result was a task accomplished in a much shorter time! This convinced me to buy a winder of my own. The winder, itself, will stay home when I travel.
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Cheri said...

Hi Margaret, Very clever! I would like that at home also, having all the color of threads right by me in the living room where I applique instead just a couple spools and the rest in the sewing room.

Happy Stitching...


Margaret said...

Cheri, I do use it at home, too. It has space for toothpicks and seam ripper as well. When it clicks shut, it is very secure.

María Elena said...

Hi Margaret, excellent kit! I have a small box of tools, but some threads are tangled.
Regards from Chile.

Jane in Wales said...

That looks like a great idea Margaret! It's great to have found your blog again. Happy stitching, Jane