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Friday, November 26, 2010

Snowflakes With a Message, Part 1

(This tutorial will be in 3 parts. This is Part 1. I will post all 3 at once.) This tutorial was produced in conjunction with Mary Huggins Moss, who originated this unique concept.

Tip: Practice making snowflakes with copy paper before using freezer paper. Snow crystals (aka Snowflakes) all have six or twelve branches--never four nor eight. We recommend that you work with six points, since 12 points would be very difficult to cut.

Supplies: Freezer Paper (15 inches square), pencil, stapler, small hole punch, curved manicure scissors (or small sharp scissors) to cut small areas of the snowflake. Freezer paper is used a lot by people doing applique. After the snowflake is cut out, it is carefully opened, then pressed onto fabric (shiny side down).

The snowflake you see below shows the final stage of preparation.

This snowflake spells a name (which I will divulge later, for those who have trouble seeing it).

Fold the square of freezer paper in half, shiny side inside.

Fold in half along the folded edge, just enough to find the center.

Place right index finger on right edge of center and hold left folded edge in left hand.

Fold the left side two-thirds of the way towards the right side of the folded paper.

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Jane in Wales said...

What an intriguing idea - a snowflake with a message! I like it.