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Saturday, January 8, 2011

"It's 2 AM! How much longer are you gonna stitch?"

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Jane in Wales said...

"If you don't stop real quick, I shall confiscate your needle!!!"
What were you stitching, by the way?

Angeles Caso said...

I found your dear Catmandu IRRISISTIBLE. Every time I make a photo of mine he closes his eyes. How did you do that photo?.
I always follow your posts but I don´t write very often because it takes suuuuch a long time to express myself in english.
I find that "Flowers on my Garden" quilt is wonderfull, your "Snowflakes" tutorial very interesting (thanks for sharing your knowledge with us) and those quilt shops all over the States...¡my God¡ they are every quilter dream.
I whish I were with you and all your friends spending my days doing nothing but appliqué.
Un abrazo fuerte y hasta mañana.