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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Never Say "Never".

Liz from the Thames River Quilters began working on this applique quilt in 1981. Liz loves machine quilting, but returned to this applique project recently. It is nearly finished after 30 years!

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Ali said...

Un trabajo explendido menos mal que lo ha terminado despues de tanto tiempo . Pero ha quedado fantastico .Felicidades un saludo

Kris said...

Oh my Gosh, Margaret!!! My parents gave me this quilt kit when I was 17 years old (1967). I worked with Mom on one corner and then being a 17 year-old kid, I lost interest. Well, when I turned 29 (1979), my Mom gave me the quilt for my birthday. Secretly, she had continued to work on the applique and then asked some ladies at church if they would quilt it. They did so as an old fashioned quilting bee!! The rush of memories that came back to me as I ran across your blog on Quilter Blogs. com!! How fun!! Kris in Utah

maritza said...

Margaret, qué precioso está este quilt de Liz!!! Valió la pena esperar tantos años para acabar este trabajo tan fantástico. Felicitaciones para ella. Que tengas una buena semana. Un beso

Jane in Wales said...

That is a beautiful quilt!!!