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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Clamshell Quilt Guild Night with Bethany Reynolds

Bethany Reynolds was our last visitor at Clamshell Quilt Guild (Waterford, CT) Her "Stack and Whack" technique has rather evolved over the years.

Who would have thought to make a flower out of hot peppers. (Click for closer view.)

This is not a Bethany Reynolds jacket.  I was sitting next to Pat Fraser who had made this attractive jacket, using the "stitch on a sweatshirt" technique. One buys a sweatshirt one or 2 sizes too large, then open at all the seams so the sweatshirt lies flat. Cut an opening in the center front. Start stitching the fabrics down with a machine. In this case, Pat stitches various favorite fabrics in a long 2-inch line, stitched that down, then added a line of black, then repeated the entire process.  When fabric totally covers the sweatshirt, you put the seams back together and add bias around the edges.  It always comes out looking great!  I am sure many of you have done this. Caution: Use a sweatshirt a couple of sizes too large for you, or you will end up giving the jacket to a smaller person.
(Alternatively, one can apply the fabric in a Crazy Quilt style.)


maritza said...

Margaret, que quilts tan maravillosos!!!!, son unos trabajos preciosos y además usando las telas de una manera genial. No se me habría ocurrido nunca hacer unas flores con telas de pimientos!!! y queda muy bonita. Un beso

Jane in Wales said...

Lovely quilts! And waht a wonderful idea - a jacket from a sweatshirt...might try that one day!

Phoenix said...

This is very beautiful!

Kathie said...

great quilts and I love that jacket!!!!
very fun.
thanks for sharing