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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Infinite Variety, New York

I did not photograph all of the 651 red and white quilts at the show. I will show you some of my favorites, starting with my absolute favorite. (Don't forget to click on the photos--twice--for larger views.)

More tomorrow.


maritza said...

Margaret, preciosos estos trabajos!!!!. Cuándo será que podemos hacer nosotros estas maravillas???? Se necesita mucho tiempo y paciencia. Lo importante es disfrutar de lo que hacemos. Un beso

liz said...

Hi. Lucky you, going to NYC to see the quilts. Would you mind if I linked to your pages that have photos of the Red and White Quilts on my blog?

Jota said...

Darling Margaret, we all quilts are wonderful samples of exquisite taste.
Dorothy and Baldomero, they take quite well, although Baldomero is a little jealous. Mandu memories and a hug for you.