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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thames River Quilter's Guild (TRQ)-- Speaker, Maria Lage

MARIA LAGE from Rhode Island  (no web page) was a favorite repeat speaker at our last guild meeting.  I was hoping Maria would bring her miniature quilts again. This is just a sampling of her award winning applique work. Maria frames a lot of her applique.(My apologies if I have sacrificed a frame in order to delete fingers.)


This is one of my favorites!


This was a real favorite among the ladies.
Fantastic shading!

Another Miniature

...and the birds all had teeny, tiny beaks!

Nice balance of applique and quilting.

The flowers are so beautiful in this miniature quilt.

This may be my absolute favorite!  Simple, yet very effective!


Maria teaches classes in applique. Her classes in miniature landscapes are very popular.  Below is a sample of the landscape technique.

Last, but not least, I want you to see a beautiful quilt incorporating Portuguese tiles in the background. The background fabric was not printed this way. It was all done in applique. This is not a miniature quilt.

Thanks for coming and inspiring us again, Maria!


maritza said...

Qué miniaturas tan bonitas!! los trabajos de María son fantásticos, me encantan. Tuviste mucha suerte en poder verlos de cerca. La colcha de azulejos portugueses es una maravilla. Un beso

Anonymous said...

Thanks Margaret, Her work is gorgeous. The tiles are absolutely amazing. Happy Mother's Day!

Belgie said...

Sometimes I just think that people write and don’t really have much to say. Not so here. You definitely have something to say and you say it with style, my man! You sure do have an interesting way of drawing people in, what with your videos and your words. You’ve got quite a one-two punch for a blog!

Jane in Wales said...

Beautiful work! I love the yellow bird on the flower. If I could choose one, that would be it!