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Monday, June 3, 2013

Kuna Indian Applique (continued)

(Over the last few months, I have completed two eye surgeries.
I do apologize for the interlude.)

As the Kuna applique ladies progress in their work, more colors are added.
This piece had dark red in the front, yellow in the middle, and black as the final material.

This piece had been part of someone's wearing apparel. You can see results of years of wear. When the ladies tire of wearing a particular design, it is removed, cleaned, and sold at a much lower "used" price. I have toyed with the idea of "fixing" the marks, but have decided against it. I think this is part of the charm of viewing an item which has a "history". There is some embroidery work on the duck faces and leaf veins.

The blue flower in the center is black on top of blue. All of the blue circles are reverse applique. The reverse appliqued red on yellow center completes the flower.

One can see the layering of fabric in this photo. A lot of close work was involved.


maritza said...

Margaret espero que ya estés recuperada de tus operaciones.
La mola es preciosa, el dibujo me parece genial y los colores también. Un beso

cottonreel said...

I love Mola sewing . I have a small work bag that I did at a workshop