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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Scrap Challenge

At the Wednesday Bee, several ladies were creating a lap quilt, using donated fabrics.

As everyone knows, after the squares are stitched by machine, they are ironed flat, then trimmed.

It's a shame to throw all of these lovely cuttings into the trash.
"Waste not, want not."

Please leave a comment: "What would you do with these scraps?"
If you have a photo, send me a link by email, and I will post your creation.
(I'll post my idea later.)


Wishes and Wings said...

Leave the scraps out for the birds. I have heard of other quilters have done this and have seen empty nests with the scraps entwined in them.

Nancy said...

Ah... she beat me to my suggestion. I had to trim up some more four patches for the quilt and hubby said "I'm putting these out on the tree bench for the birds." He's seen the chickadees scouting around already.

Barbara said...

I give them to a friend who uses them for dog bed stuffing for a local shelter.

Barbara in MD

Margaret said...

I like the dog bed stuffing idea. I received a lot of private emails, and most of them threw the scraps to the birds. This is also an excellent idea. There are no leaves yet in Northeastern Connecticut, and the birds could use these. (But I wonder if they will want them after my cat, Mandu, finishes playing with them?!?)

I actually knew a lady in one of the guilds who took these scraps and painstakingly made miniature log cabin blocks, using her machine, she claimed!

Margaret said...

P.S. I meant to say Southeastern Connecticut!

Glenda said...

They make great art quilts, scatter them over a piece of dark fabric as these are mostly light colours then cover them with a very fine netting , pin as you would for laying a small quilt and then machine quilt all over the art quilt, its quick and lots of fun, add other bit's and pieces to the scraps if you like , like bright yarn, wool, extra. Just have fun. Cheers Glenda