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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Why not?

I don't think I am alone on this.....or am I?
As I walk from room to room in the house, I pass stashes of fabric.
Some are in cardboard boxes, some are in plastic boxes, some are in carrying cases, some are on the ironing board....
You get the picture.

So, as I was walking by one of the living room stashes, this fabric caught my eye, and I immediately said, "Circles!"

And so I added 36 of them to 2 borders still in progress.


★MaRiBeL★ said...

__$__$$$$$ $__$__$__$_$$$$$__$

Bunny said...

Hi OH my I love that fabric and yes I can relate to your overwhelming amount of fabric. LOL. I am curious how you managed to have the backdrop of the black and white LE.
Hugs Bunny

Rebecca Grace said...

I agree -- circles are just spectacular in applique, the more the merrier. I was just thinking about that the other night, actually. My husband was watching some fool thing on television and I was exploring all the antique applique quilts on Pinterest on my iPad, marveling at how magnificent some of those early applique quilts were with very limited color palettes, simple coxcombs or florals, but just scattered so liberally with circle berries that they took my breath away.:-) When in doubt, add circles!

Glenda said...

Great fabric for circles Margaret, and i was able to blow you photo of your LE right up and then Zoom in so could see them on your LE. Great addition. Cheers Glenda

A Nudge said...

Wonderful addition, Margaret!