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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

LE "Triangles"

I have nearly 2 yards of this material (found on an "unwanted fabric" table at a guild meeting). There is just enough width to be able to get what I need. The color is actually a deep Indian red (rather than the rust color it shows).

I have discovered that stitching goes a lot faster if the triangles are all stitched down, then add the tops later. The green you see under the triangle color is what I use for the tops. It is far more challenging to get the proper amount of fabric for the template and still have the graduation in color I am looking for.


Jane in Wales said...

What a lovely colour, that will make it glow!

Mrs. Sutherland said...

Your LE is really lovely! What a warm colors do you use, and what a perfect stitches!
I also thank you for visiting my blog. I'm just on the beginning of this beautiful quilt, and you are so far already! I'm glad now my turn dis come!
Greetings from Holland!

A Nudge said...

You never know where one is going to find the just right piece for an applique piece. Looking good, Margaret!