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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mary Moss --Snowflake Applications #2

In this snowflake block, Mary pressed the pattern onto white fabric, then did reverse applique on some of the inside areas. The snowflake was enhanced by some beading.
Mary says,
"This is what I call painted-edge/sandwich reverse appliqué. I ironed my freezer paper flake onto the white print fabric and painted around the outer edge and in each inside design. I cut out each inside design leaving 1/8 inch of paint. I placed a small piece of fabric in between the backing and the snowflake and sewed around the edge of each design. The back is very neat—nice technique for a tablecloth."

(One could bypass the painted edge and do a simple needleturn after basting the snowflake in place. Margaret) Reading from the inside out, the name is "Mary".

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maritza said...

Precioso este copo de nieve también!!! Tiene mucho trabajo pero el reultado es maravilloso. Un beso

Jota said...

Merry Christmas, thanks for the comment, kiss me and Baldomero