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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Building a Popular Baltimore Album Flower

Start working from the back. The patterns are generally never numbered for your convenience, so figuring out which petals are under other petals will be your task.
G = Green Y = Yellow/Gold R = Red P = Pink

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First, I added the dark green leaf (upper left). Then the lower red petals were added. I went to the back side of the block and stitched a contrasting thread on the sew line, so I know exactly where to place the next petal.

Then I added pink. (The fabric pattern is actually red and white, which gives an illusion of pink. I just happen to like this better than straight pink.)

Next, the yellow/gold.

Next, the red center of the flower is added.

Lastly, the last bit of green on the bottom.

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I know that this is super simple for a lot of you, but I get requests from ladies who need help with the flower construction, so that is why I have included this tutorial. And, please, do not ask me what the actual name of the flower is. If you know, please leave that info in your comment.


Jota said...

Thanks for the tutorial that we have offered, I hope and wish you well, and Mandu, is happy like his Spanish friend Baldomero. A kiss from Toledo

Jane in Wales said...

I always love to see these flowers grow - it's so exciting!