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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Very Easy Typical Baltimore Album Flower

One common BA flower has a larger scalloped layer in the back (usually red), with a smaller scalloped layer on top of the red (usually pink), followed by a yellow/gold circle on top.

I was bothered by the unevenness of the rounded edges of both lower layers, so I re-designed them before appliqueing them to the background fabric.

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This is an easy flower. The lower layer, red, is stitched down first. The second layer (pink) can be eye-balled into place. (You don't want to do the basting stitch from the back, because that was the original pattern, and you have prettied it up.)

Finally, on goes the final layer, (affectionately known as a "circle"), and the flower is done.

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Wasn't that easy?


maritza said...

Margaret, me gusta mucho la flor rediseñada por tí. Te quedó preciosa. Me encanta como explicas de bien, la entrada anterior también está maravillosa. Un beso

Nadine Thompson said...

Hi Margaret. I am in complete agreement with your feelings about the flowers we sometimes see that have such irregular petals on those simple shapes. I am not sure this is what you do but I also like to use off block construction with these layered images. Seems to give me more control and I do like being in control.

Margaret said...

Maritza, thanks for your kind words.

Nadine, I've done the off-block construction of flowers, too, but since I started do a basting stitch to place the pattern on the background fabric, I have found that it is even easier just to stitch the petals to the background. Also, if the flower is fairly large, the stitches anchor the center as well as the edges to the background so it doesn't "poof" out in the middle.

Morguix said...

Thanks for your visit, Margaret.
I´m not a quilter...though I would love to. So I just can admire your work, it's so beautiful!.
By the way, your cat is gorgeous.
Sorry for my English, it´s a little bit rusty, I know.

Margaret said...

Morguix,thanks so much for following my blog! Your blog is so "delicious"!

Julia said...

Acabo de "descubrir" este blog y me parece muy interesante. Me gusta mucho el Baltimore...y este blog es una referencia estupenda. Felicitaciones. Julia

Margaret said...

Julia, thank you so much for your nice comments! It is so nice to meet another person who enjoys Baltimore Album quilts.

Jane in Wales said...

Lovely pictures. I always enjoy making those flowers too.