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Friday, March 25, 2011

Decorating a Baltimore Album Vase

After I got the top of the vase stitched down, I didn't like the position, so I removed all the silk stitches and repositioned it where it was more pleasing to me. Then I re-basted it. The 2nd stitching went much faster, since the edges had already been turned under for the first attempt.


The design on the vase was not to my liking, so I re-drew it slightly. Now I had to decide how I wanted to get the design on the front. Nadine recently asked if I ever did the designs (flowers) off-block, so I thought now would be a great time to do that. By the way, if you haven't met Nadine, perhaps you would like to visit her blog, "Somewhere in Time".
I positioned the design on the front of the vase. The more I thought about it, it made sense to try off-the-block stitching. I normally don't do this, since I find I generally have trouble hanging on to a smaller design and end up dropping it all the time.

The first decision was -- should I walk all the way to the back of the house to get some pellon where my sewing room is located, or should I just grab a lightweight piece of fabric next to my sewing chair...
I grabbed the nearby fabric and basted the design on it. (Actually, I later found a piece of lightweight pellon right next to my chair in another storage bag, but the fabric worked nicely.)

Working from the back layers to the front, I added each pedal.

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When I was done with the design, I trimmed around the lightweight backing fabric to within 1/8 inch of the design, then turned it under and stitched it to the vase.

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It didn't look too bad.


maritza said...

Margaret, precioso te está quedando este trabajo y las telas que utilizasson muy bonitas. Además el tamaño de cada pieza es muy perqueñito!!!, un beso

Jane in Wales said...

I love those vases with flowers on them! I am intrigued by your method - I suppose you don't need an overlay?

Reme said... he dado un paseo por tu blog y he visto que te encantan los baltimore como a mi, los haces preciosos, saludos

Nadine Thompson said...

Hi Margaret. I love it that you decided to try off block preparation for you design on the vase. We work a little differently as I would trace the vase on the chosen fabric and applique the design before cutting out the vase. I trim to the seam allowance and stitch in place. In one way however we are of the same mind. I began awhile back to make elaborate labels for my favorite quilts. I do all the applique and inking on a piece of the backing fabric. When complete, I trim to seam allowance and applique to back of quilt. Because the backing and the background of the label are the same, it is difficult for anyone else to determine my method for sure. I think we have a lot in common.