Royal School of Needlework-- 2015 Courses

Sunday, June 22, 2014

LE Borders -- It's All in the Numbers (or, Why do borders take longer to stitch?)

This one particular element of the border design is simply:
1 center times 4 (because there are 4 equal designs)
This was done in dark purple, with a reverse applique on fabric matching the background, not the background fabric.
8 teardrops times 4 -- 32

AND, the leafy green things:
8 of them times 4 -- 32

After the applique, the final step (not yet done) is to refine all edges with a toothpick to make all curved parts absolutely round and appealing to the eyes. Then press, then double-check the smoothness of all parts with another toothpick scrutinization.

Inside petal turn under line is approximately  1/16 to 1/32nd of an inch.


Marsha Cooper said...

your handwork is beautiful.

Praveen RS said...

A nice work has been done, love to watch

Mrs. Sutherland said...

What a lovely LE you are making! It is very beautful!
Greetings, Mar from Holland