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Friday, January 21, 2011

Important Things in Life

I know you have more important things to do than look at someone's feet. However, I just felt I should tell you my slipper story.

First of all, foot comfort is very important to me. These slippers, and their exact predecessors have been my constant companion (indoors) for the past 30+ years. I very much needed a new pair, since the old ones were quite far-gone.

While going through some old paperwork, I found an old Gift Certificate from L.L. Bean. The first thought into my mind was "new slippers"! The amount would just about cover the cost of a new pair. Then I read the issue date--"March 1987". Almost 24 years had passed since I filed this Gift Certificate in a safe place. The saying "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" came to mind. I mailed it off to L.L. Bean, and a few days later my new slippers came--no questions asked. This may sound unusual in today's world, but what would you expect from a quality store that never closes it's doors. LL Bean is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their doors are never locked. I have no affiliation with the store, but I was really very impressed and had to tell you this story.

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grendelskin said...

We're always quick to complain when we get lousy service; thanks for being vocal about getting great service! It doesn't surprise me that they honored the gift certificate - I think they still have lifetime replacement on some of their items too. I think LL Bean and Stanley Tools are the only American companies still willing to go to such lengths to stand by their products.

maritza said...

Margaret, es una historia fantástica!!!, casi increible hoy en día y sobretodo en este mundo de competitividad...Dá mucha ilusión encontrar una tienda así. Felicidadess por esta sorpresa tan agradable que tuviste con el envio de tus zapatillas. Un beso

paula, the quilter said...

I have been looking to replace my slippers which happen to be exactly like the ones you are wearing. I'm headed off to the LL Bean website! Thanks!

Susan said...

Amazing!, I have never bought from LL Bean but that sure gives me a reason to! Yes those slippers look comfy